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How Can Schools & Colleges Benefit From Commercial Waste Management?

No matter what industry we look at, every business or organisation produces waste, therefore it’s vital that it’s managed and disposed of efficiently and effectively. At 360 Waste Management, we provide commercial waste management services to a whole range of sectors for this very reason, including but not limited to; hotels, restaurants and pubs, retail, and more relevant to this latest blog post, schools & colleges.

Waste Awareness

Waste awareness sounds like a rather broad phrase, but it certainly couldn’t be more important in relation to waste collections and costs. Schools and colleges naturally produce large quantities of paper and cardboard waste through worksheets, workbooks etc. which can easily be recycled. It’s important to recognise which waste types are going in what bins to avoid overflowing waste containers as well as rising costs due to requiring more frequent collections.

When considering expenses, it is important to ensure the appropriate waste type is disposed of in the corresponding waste container. Should your waste container exceed weight restrictions, there is a higher probability that it will be rejected on health and safety grounds, therefore, requiring multiple collections and raising your costs.

Schools in England are estimated to create an enormous 80,382 tonnes of food waste annually, so as well as recycling, it is important to schedule commercial food waste collections alongside others. Commercial food waste collections that divert from landfill could further save your school/college money by avoiding the landfill tax, and not to mention requiring less collections.

However, waste awareness is not just for those who deal with the waste produced in schools; it also involves teaching others, and what better environment than a school to educate children about recycling’s advantages and positive impacts on our environment? With more and more individuals making a conscious effort to do their part for the local environment as well as the planet as a whole, introducing recycling to young people and helping them realise the benefits will have a beneficial impact on our planet in the years to come.

How Can 360 Help?

Even though it may seem like a menial task, properly storing your waste and containers can reduce your costs and improve the local environment. Separating waste types will reduce the amount of collections the school needs, and ensuring the containers are stored correctly will also reduce the levels of litter and overflowing waste. Educating children to put the correct waste in the correct bins not only benefits them, but it also reduces your school’s waste collection expenses. At 360 Waste Management, we can help if you feel that the waste storage and management at your school isn’t quite as good as it might or could be.

At 360 Waste Management, we provide a free commercial waste review in which we will assess the condition of your school’s present waste and recycling systems. After the review is complete, we thoroughly redesign the waste management system to best serve the school, always keeping low costs and regular, dependable collections in mind. By doing this, you maintain control over the amount of waste generated by your school and make it simpler and more convenient for staff and students to increase and improve their recycling behaviours. Ad-hoc waste collection services are also available from 360 Waste Management, meaning you can request collections as and when required.

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