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over 3000 bins emptied weekly

free bins provided

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95% of customers switched and saved

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With all our Commercial waste collections and commercial recycling services, we’ll provide you with a range of space-saving waste and recycling bins, waste bags or large commercial waste containers absolutely free. You just pay for your collections.

What Bin Size?

Wheeled waste containers (commercial wheelie bins) prove to be very popular as can be used for mixed dry recyclables (DMR) as well as residual and general business waste. All of these waste containers would be suitable for collection of compactable, non-hazardous waste from any industry in the UK.

We offer a comprehensive range of commercial waste containers to suit your needs from commercial waste bags, our most popular commercial waste bins; the 240 litre wheelie bin to 1100 litre wheelie bins, Skips, Roll on Roll off (RORO), Rear and Front End Loaders.

Click on any of the links below to find out more about the different types of commercial bins, waste bags and waste containers we can supply and collect for your business waste such as dimensions, capacity and suitability to specific waste types.


The 1100 Litre bin is our largest four wheeled commercial waste bin; suitable for all waste types including food and glass recycling, general business waste and dry mixed recycling and has the capacity to hold up to 15 waste bags.


Our Front End Loaders and Rear End Loaders tend to be more suited to our commercial customers with a higher volume of waste production.


Much the same as our skips, front end and rear end loader waste bins /containers are more suited to large volume commercial waste disposal including general waste disposal, dry mixed recycling, cardboard and paper recycling, but usually for more bulky metal and building material waste. Not suitable for hazardous waste.


360 Waste Management offer a comprehensive RORO (Roll on Roll off) service for larger quantities of bulky wastes from Commercial, Industrial sites and Construction sites. We provide a full range of sizes and types from 20 cubic yard to 40 cubic yard in capacity.


The 660 Litre bin is our four wheeled commercial waste bin, suitable for all waste types including general commercial waste, food and glass recycling and DMR.


The 360 Litre Waste Bin is one of our largest two wheeled wheelie bin. As is the 240 litre bin, this larger 360 litre waste bin is one of our most favoured for commercial waste.


The 240 Litre Waste Bin has twice the capacity of a normal household wheelie bin. By far, this 240 litre bin is our most popular waste bin amongst our commercial clients.


120 Litre Wheelie Bins are the size of your typical wheelie bin at home. Ideal for all types of commercial waste including food waste, cardboard and paper and general commercial waste. Not suitable for confidential or hazardous waste.


Our general commercial waste bag collections offer a simple and easy solution to the disposal of both general commercial waste and and recycling including food waste collections, dry mixed recycling including paper and cardboard waste, but not suitable for glass recycling, hazardous or confidential waste.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help your business reduce general waste, increase recyclable waste from source and like 95% of our customers, switch and you could save! Give us a call on 0800 093 1186 or complete our online quick quote form to enquire today.

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