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As a business, it is essential that you can manage the waste that your company creates. Not only is it your corporate responsibility, but it’s vital that we properly look after and care for our environment. With that in mind, you might wish to know more about the various kinds of business waste you might be dealing with.

For any business, dealing with waste products effectively is very important. That is why you should look to manage your business waste with the help of a third-party waste management specialist such as us at 360 Waste Management.


  • General business waste. The most common and varied form of waste; general waste can encapsulate everything from everyday rubbish and waste products that cannot be recycled or reused in some capacity.
  • Dry-mix recycling. Many times, your company will have waste products that can be recycled due to lack of contamination. This could be paper, plastic, and food tins alongside other items like cardboard.
  • Food waste. Primarily if you work in hospitality (hotelsrestaurants, pubs, bars and clubs)it is likely that you will have large quantities of food waste that needs to be disposed of. This should be managed in a fair, sanitary manner.
  • Glass waste. Glass can build up, especially in the hospitality industry, and getting rid of glass safely is very important.
  • Hazardous material. If your company is involved in the chemical or medical industry, you might be dealing with hazardous materials requiring specialist care and precision to get rid of.
  • Confidential commercial waste. From old shredded documentation to items that you might wish to keep from being seen, this is very common in office, IT, and administrative workplaces.
  • Sanitary waste. Products that would come from the washroom, such as nappies, sanitary items, and toiletries. A very common aspect of just about any workplace and requires very particular care.


Now that you know what kind of commercial waste types to expect and look out for, we recommend that you look closely at hiring the right waste management company. Today, this means looking for a company that is:

  • Capable of meeting your local demands and can work within the area that you are based.
  • Punctual and professional, capable of handling all of your waste management needs regularly.
  • Suitable for your budget as well as the type and quantity of waste you will deal with.
  • Reliable when it comes to putting in place schedules and plans for waste disposal.
  • Ethical, taking the time and the steps needed to properly and safely dispose of all waste.

If you would like to ensure that your hire is a successful one, consider us here at 360 Waste Management. As experts in local waste management and control, we ensure that we manage your waste disposal in a timely and professional manner.

By removing the stress and challenges, including supplying the bins free of charge which you need for easier disposal, 360 Waste Management make an otherwise arduous task a whole lot easier.