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Looking to Cut down on Commercial Food Waste this Christmas? Here’s How!

The Christmas season is a busy time for many businesses, especially for the likes of hotels and restaurants. During the festive period, it can be hard to manage food waste effectively. Fortunately, with the right strategies and tools, such as commercial food waste disposal and commercial recycling bins, it is possible to reduce your commercial food waste and help keep the environment clean. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how businesses can manage their food waste over the Christmas period.

Food Waste Peaks in December

The Christmas period is a peak time for food waste in the UK. With thousands of people gathering to celebrate, hotels and restaurants see a huge influx in customers over the holiday season. This can put immense pressure on these establishments to stock up on large amounts of food, leading to large amounts of food waste when not all of it is eaten or consumed. Unfortunately, the majority of this excess food ends up in landfills and doesn’t get recycled, making it difficult for businesses to reduce their environmental impact.

It is estimated that between 9-10 million tonnes of food waste is produced annually in the UK, with hotels and restaurants contributing significantly to this figure during the Christmas season due to the increased demand for food and drinks, making it crucial for these establishments to find ways to better manage their food waste.

What Can be Done?

Despite Christmas being a busy time of year for the hospitality industry in the UK, with many restaurants and hotels booked to capacity, there are steps that businesses can take to reduce their food waste this Christmas and beyond. Here are some solutions:


      • Plan ahead: When ordering food for the festive season, consider buying less than you think you need. Buy only what you need for each meal and plan ahead for any possible increases in demand.

        • Offer smaller portions: Restaurants and hotels can offer smaller portion sizes to customers, making it easier to ensure that the food served is fully consumed.

          • Offer take-away containers: Provide take-away containers for customers who want to take home leftovers from their meal. This will help ensure that uneaten food isn’t thrown away.

            • Donate uneaten food: If you find yourself with excess food after the Christmas rush is over, consider donating it to local charities or food banks.

              • Invest in storage: Investing in a reliable storage system can help you keep track of stock and make sure that food isn’t left to expire.

                • Monitor dates: Make sure that staff regularly check expiration dates and use products that are likely to go off first.

                  • Reuse ingredients: If you have any leftover ingredients, try to reuse them in other dishes or create special offers with them.

                By following these simple tips, UK businesses can help reduce their food waste this Christmas and into the future. With a little bit of planning, businesses can ensure that they are providing excellent service while also being mindful of their environmental impact.

                Education is Key

                As a business owner, it’s important to educate your team on how to reduce food waste this Christmas season. This means encouraging everyone to think carefully before they prepare or dispose of food.

                One way to do this is to create a food waste policy. Outline the goals and strategies of your company and make sure that everyone understands the importance of reducing food waste. Additionally, encourage your team to order seasonal ingredients that can be used for multiple meals. By educating your team on how to reduce food waste, you can make a big difference for the environment and your profits.

                Do Your Bit for the Community

                Finally, businesses can look into donating excess food to local charities or food banks. This is a great way to ensure that any unused or unsold food is still being put to good use. Not only does this help reduce food waste, but it also helps to support those in need during the holiday season.

                By thinking outside the box, UK businesses can find creative solutions for reducing their food waste this Christmas. Whether it’s investing in reusable packaging, focusing on smaller portion sizes, or donating excess food to local charities, there are plenty of options available for businesses looking to be more sustainable this holiday season.

                Food Waste Is Inevitable

                There are many ways to reduce commercial food waste, but it’s likely that it won’t be avoided completely. For food that is disposed of, having a reliable, commercial waste management service is vital in order to dispose of waste correctly, as well as saving your business considerable amounts of money and avoiding government fines. At 360 Waste Management, we can help your business save up to 30% on your waste management service and provide you with the tools required to keep your business’ waste to a minimum. To receive your FREE waste review, contact our office on 08000 93 11 86.