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Refresh Your Resolutions

As we fast approach the third month of 2022, it’s around this time of year that those new year’s resolutions (that we all said we’d stick to!) occasionally start beginning to slip. You’ve come this far, why not carry on? In our latest blog, we take a look at ways you can continue and maintain your promise to improve your business waste management and recycling habits to not only help the environment but also save yourself time and money!

Where You Can, Go Paper-free

We all know that in places of work, there’s always pieces of paper floating from desk to desk, and printers never get a break, but in this day and age, with computers, mobile phones, tablets etc, try reconsidering whether you really need a paper copy of what you’re working on or sending and whether or not you can keep it in digital format. Documents such as pay-slips can usually be provided digitally via email and papers like contracts can now be signed digitally via specialised apps. In doing this, you, your business and your staff can work guilt-free knowing that your move towards becoming paperless is helping to reduce the damage being inflicted upon the environment.

Highlight Those Recycle Bins 

Disposing of your rubbish into the same bin without separating items is the easy option, but sometimes the easy option is not always the best option. As a business, encourage staff and customers to divide their waste into ‘general’ and ‘recycling’ by clearly highlighting the different bins to make sure it’s super-simple to understand what waste belongs in what bin. By getting staff to separate waste, you will also be saving space within your bins and saving money on waste collections.

Staff Water Bottles

Most companies have a water station within their office/building, and by providing staff with water bottles or getting them to bring their own into work, they will be less inclined to go out and buy drinks with bottles that will just be thrown away afterwards, reducing the amount of plastic waste produced by your business. Plastic bottles also take up considerable room in your bin, so you’ll also be able to save money in the long run.

Buy Bigger!

This one may sound like a bad idea at face value, but hear us out. When going to the supermarket to restock your staff room fridge with items such as milk, butter etc., go for the larger sizes. By buying the bigger size instead of multiple smaller sizes, you’ll be reducing your business’ packaging waste output due to the packaging-to-contents ratio being considerably smaller. Not only will your waste be reduced, you’ll also save money in the long run due to not having to repeatedly buy the same items. 

Invest in Cutlery

This is a common feature in most staff kitchens, however, if your office or workplace does not have available cutlery in its kitchen, now’s the time to change that! By providing staff with cutlery, they are less likely to feel the need to take plastic cutlery from food outlets which will most likely be disposed of within the following hour. Despite some food businesses now providing biodegradable cutlery, a lot still opt for their plastic alternatives which more often than not end up in the bin and on its way to landfill. So why not do your bit and introduce cutlery to your staff kitchen.

Receive a Free Waste Review

At 360 Waste Management, we can provide you with a free business waste review to recommend best practices for reducing your costs and business waste collections, while assessing potential access restrictions, time requirements and invoice analysis. We’ll also provide you with insights regarding what free bins we recommend your business requires, so not only will you be keeping those new year’s resolutions alive, you’ll also be saving money and time today by switching to 360 Waste Management.