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Keeping Your London Business Covered

Running a London business can be costly, and finding ways to reduce outgoings can prove to be a difficult task at times with costs across the board on the rise for all. At 360 Waste Management we pride ourselves on the knowledge that we have been able to save 95% of our customers up to 30% off of their waste collections and management. Our goals include minimising commercial waste at the source, increasing recycling, and implementing new technologies to eliminate landfill. With a strong presence currently in London and surrounding areas, in this blog we look deeper into ways we can provide a solution to your London business’ waste.

360’s Access Abilities

Every business has it’s own individual and unique features, whether that’s the industry, the waste output and certainly, the location. With lots of our customers based in London, we know as good as anyone that collecting waste in the city of London can have it’s difficulties with some customers’ waste bins kept in hard-to-access areas. However with 360 Waste Management, we have your business covered with our well-equipped commercial waste management team  holding years of experience and expertise, and an efficient solution will be found to guarantee your waste be collected and your business can continue running operations smoothly. If access is completely blocked, and collection – at the time – proves impossible, photo evidence shall be provided and the collection will be rescheduled at the earliest convenience.

What We Offer

At 360 Waste Management we understand that no two businesses will hold the exact same waste requirements, and that’s exactly why we offer a superb variety of accommodating waste disposal bins. Whether it’s for a small business or large organisation, 360 Waste Management can provide your business with a free waste review and recommend the best course of action to keep your waste management as simple and as cost effective as possible. Once a review of your business’ waste is complete, we offer an extensive range of FREE waste bins based on your business’ needs and requirements. From 120 litre wheelie bins right the way through to 1100 litre bins, skips, roll on roll off containers and more. No matter your company’s size, 360 Waste Management has the solution to your waste output.

Our Commercial Waste Collection Services

We offer commercial waste collections to a wide range of business such as restaurants, pubs & bars, hotels, retail, offices, food manufacturers, schools, colleges & universities, events and more, covering General Commercial Waste, DMR (Dry Mixed Recycling), Commercial Glass Waste, Commercial Food Waste & Confidential Business Waste. If you are interested in learning more, looking to swap waste management company or need to start receiving waste collections for your business, do not hesitate to contact the 360 Waste Management office on 08000 931186 to begin saving up to 30% now!