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Having a good plan for your commercial waste disposal includes a commitment to commercial waste recycling.


Responsible businesses want to do their part in reducing landfill and the overall production of new materials.  Consumers are demanding that companies find green and sustainable ways to deal with their commercial waste.

But the benefits extend past just helping the environment.  Businesses that recycle their commercial waste save on their commercial waste collection costs, reducing fines, and paying less overall for their operating costs.


Commercial waste that is not recycled appropriately ends up having a significant effect on the environment.  Over 12.2 million tonnes of plastics end up in the marine environment each year.  Approximately 9 million tonnes of that waste come from land-based operations.  Recycling can help divert these materials, preventing microplastic pollution.  It’s essential to have commercial waste bins collection that are set up to recycle your commercial waste.

Unfortunately, even businesses that are recycling may be inadvertently contributing to global warming.  If recycling is contaminated with other waste, it may end up being incinerated rather than recycled, which has devastating effects.  It’s just one more reason why your business needs to have commercial wheelie bin collections that work for your needs, ensuring that your recycling does not end up as waste.


When a product is manufactured from new materials, the natural resources required to produce the product must be extracted from the earth.  This may mean that materials must be mined or trees cut down.  It takes far less energy to reuse materials that have been recycled rather than remake that material.  Reusing and recycling materials is known as “closed-loop” and has the least amount of environmental impact.

Businesses can do their part to preserve natural resources by ensuring that their commercial waste management servicesincluding recycling for aluminium, glass, and plastics so that these are manufactured into new products.


Sending commercial waste to landfill is expensive, and even diverting a fraction of that waste away from landfill will save your business money.  When comparing the cost of recycling to rubbish, it’s estimated to cost almost twice as much to send one tonne of material to landfill as opposed to recycling it.  With the UK producing over 41 million tonnes of commercial waste each year, redirecting a portion of that can mean big savings.

Consumers tend to vote with their feet if they feel that companies are not doing their part environmentally.  In 2015, a study found that 90% of customers would boycott a company if they learned of irresponsible or deceptive business practices regarding recycling.

Businesses also have a duty of care under the Environmental Protection Act (1990) to ensure that all recycling is dealt with responsibly.  This means that fines can be issued to businesses that do not have a commercial waste company that helps them divert recyclable materials away from landfill.


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