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The impact of Covid-19 on the tourism sector cannot be overstated. Necessary government restrictions caused hotel room occupancy in Greater London to fall to 20% in July, compared to 90% occupancy the year prior. Worse, a decline in seated dining service year-over-year is estimated at 99.77%. Catering companies were forced to all but shut down with the cancellation of weddings and large events.

Many businesses closed or offered limited takeout options during these lockdowns, drastically changing their business waste collections requirements.  Restaurant waste collections may have been scaled back or paused completely during this time.

Business owners are eager to begin recouping the losses experienced during Covid-19 with the added challenge of keeping their operating costs low. The type of waste produced by these businesses is significantly different and requires new strategies for disposal.


As of  today – April 12th, the UK government will begin to allow outdoor dining for as many as six people, or from a maximum of two households, as part of the reopening framework.

Weddings can take place with up to 15 people, and religious service attendance has been expanded. This gives businesses in the tourism and hospitality industries the opportunity to reopen and slowly recover financially from the global pandemic.

Now that businesses are preparing to reopen for outdoor seated dining, it may be a good time to look at the business waste services for your restauranthotel, or catering service.


Your restaurant waste management should be prepared for the increased use of disposable items during this time, including plastic cups, tableware, and utensils.

2020 saw more serviced apartments opening than ever, in part to cater to guests who want to minimise contact with others, and this trend will spread to hotel rooms too, increasing in-room dining. This is a challenge for hotel waste management as there is an exponential increase in the amount of rubbish left behind in rooms. Guests will prefer to eat and drink in the rooms, leaving behind beer bottles and glasses and plastic disposables, increasing hotel waste collections.

This applies to catering waste management as well. Many of the businesses who choose to use disposable plates, cutlery, and glasses, all must be disposed of immediately rather than being collected by staff. The increase in catering waste collections will impact the already slim profit margin for these companies.

These plastics, glass, paper and food waste items must be disposed of and recycled correctly, not only to lessen the environmental impact but to reduce business waste disposal costs.


When choosing from available business waste companies, look for a partner that will help you reduce waste at the source. This means working with your unique business to identify what must be disposed of and what can be recycled. These changes can be made easier and more time-efficient for your staff by having the correct commercial waste bins.

Proper recycling and disposal of this increased waste mean that less ends up in landfill, and you will spend less overall on waste collections and disposal.

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