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As the world continues to adjust and respond to the COVID-19 crisis, it is easy to see where other priorities have dwindled. For years, we have focused on the best means to care for our planet whilst still enjoying a high standard of living. Often, though, these issues come into conflict – and previous years has seen many of us lose focus on other important matters. For example, recycling appears to have become a topic that has gained traction as we begin to realise the sheer impact that our consumption has on the planet. For those in the education sector, especially, recycling is essential.

Today, it is vital that those who work within the education sector realise the massive amounts of resources consumed on a daily basis. That is why if you are part of the education sector that you should look to re-focus on the importance of ethical recycling. Thanks to the help of professional experts such as 360 Waste Management, this can be solved.

Schools and other facilities within the education sector need to take recycling very seriously. Not only are the impacts on the environment massively beneficial, but schools and educational facilities are a place of learning. They help to set the right example to the next generation of students. By showing students from a young age the importance of recycling, we can give the next generation all the help that they need to become more environmentally conscious.


This being the case in many educational facilities, it can be tough to impose recycling on the students and ensure it is done to a high enough standard. What you should do at this point is commercial waste management professionals, such as the team at 360 Waste Management. We can provide you with a service that ensures that all recycling is managed on a regular basis, with new schools taken on every week throughout London, Essex, Kent and surrounding areas.

The waste management  process is simple: we come to your school and carry out a full overview of the condition of the recycling system within the school. Then, we carry out a thorough and complete overhaul of the schools recycling systemimproving the recycling process massively whilst also ensuring that any general commercial wastedry-mixed recyclingfood waste and confidential waste is dealt with in a timely manner.

This not only means that you gain easier control over your waste management; it allows for the school to have more time on their hands for other projects. By helping you to save considerable sums of money across the year through intelligent commercial waste collection, including scheduled commercial waste bin collections, we can also provide adhoc waste collection services as and when needed. With regular skills at the end of each term, we can also help you to handle clinical waste and other such undesirable by-products of being part of the education industry.

Let us help you to keep the environment cleaner and set the right example to the next generation of children so that what they are doing now is right, ethical, and just.