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The Importance of Regular Waste Collections

Wherever you look, no matter the industry, whether it’s operational or created by staff, waste is always generated. And with over 5.6 million businesses in the UK, commercial waste is inevitable and something that will always be there. The hardest part of commercial waste generation is how best to dispose of it? And that’s where we come in! In our latest blog, we look at some of the reasons why regular waste collections are so important.

With our experienced team at 360 Waste Management, not only are we fully aware of the hurdles that waste generation can create but we also embrace the importance of regular waste disposalOur focus as a business is on eliminating landfills by reducing commercial waste at the source, increasing recycling and utilising new technologies. It’s common knowledge that landfill holds negative environmental impacts, which is exactly why there is such a push for more and more items to be recycled, something we are all for! There is no single way to go about effective waste disposal as there are many different approaches, even with tasks as simple as sorting waste into its waste types before collection (i.e. glass, dry mixed recycling, food etc.), all the way up to the larger companies who mass produce waste, making sure that all waste is disposed of both ethically and sustainably.

Lifestyle and Environmental Impact

Effective waste disposal is one thing, but having regular waste collections is a certain way of doing your bit for the environment for both natural and aesthetic reasons. As a result of having waste collected regularly, it allows all areas, domestic, commercial, and industrial, to remain tidy, keeping avoidable pollution to a minimum. Should waste build up in these areas, there is an increased risk of vermin as well as disease, posing a possible threat to people’s health and lives. Poor waste management also plays a part in climate change and increases air and water pollution, having a damaging impact on marine and animal life.

Regular waste collection will also improve the appearance of an area, making it more visibly attractive with litter and overflowing bins kept to an absolute minimum. Aside from keeping the environment clean, regular waste collection will make work-life easier by preventing the accumulation of excess waste! Keeping workplaces tidy and free of unwanted waste pollution will almost certainly have a positive effect on yourself, workers, employees, and others in and around the business, as a clean workplace has been shown to increase levels of productivity and motivation due to workers being confidently able to work with a hugely reduced risk of becoming ill, and ultimately, the vast majority of people do not wish to work in an unclean environment. Therefore, regular waste collections will combat this and contribute toward a positive environment for all.

How 360 Can Help

With our planet needing more help now than ever before, we all need to do our bit and ensure we are doing what we can to protect it. Whether you’re one of the millions of existing businesses in the UK or one of the many new businesses which start up each year, your waste management will need to start somewhere, or perhaps you already have waste collections in place but are paying too much? At 360 Waste Management, you can join the 95% of our customer base who have switched to 360 and saved up to 30% on their waste collections.

Through our network of suppliers, 360 Waste Management is delighted to provide a nationwide service, and we’ll make sure to provide you with the best deal possible for your waste management requirements. You can receive a free waste audit to allow us to best understand your business’s waste needs. Once we have this information, we will supply you with suitable waste containers… for FREE! 

To find out more or to enquire about your free waste audit, please contact our wonderful, friendly team on 08000 931186 to not only begin saving money but also do your bit to help save the planet as well!