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6 Reasons Why You Should Choose 360 Waste Management

Every business, regardless of industry, generates waste, requires regular waste collections, and strives to save money. Those essential boxes can be easily ticked by using 360 Waste Management. In this latest blog, we highlight six reasons why your business should switch to 360 Waste Management.

360’s Focus

At 360 Waste Management, we focus strongly on the effects that waste and waste pollution is having on our environment, and according to the Department
for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, the UK generated around 33.8 million tonnes of commercial and industrial waste. Not only are landfill sites extremely unsightly, but they are also highly pollutive, generating large amounts toxins, leachate and greenhouse gases. We work to eliminate landfill by minimising commercial waste at the source, boosting recycling, and implementing innovative technology.

Get Your Bins FREE!

We understand that waste is a recurring problem for all businesses that will not be disappearing anytime soon, which is exactly why we provide FREE waste bins. By making our bins free, managing your commercial waste becomes a lot easier, efficient and accessible, all you have to pay for are your waste collections!

Waste Types & Sectors

As mentioned earlier in the blog, commercial waste is not confined to certain industries or businesses, as waste is a universal output both domestically and commercially, and for this very reason, 360 Waste Management covers a vast range of sectors. At present, we specialise in managing waste from; schools and colleges, retail establishments and shopping centres, offices, food manufacturers, pubs, clubs & bars, hotels and events.

Nationwide Service

When 360 Waste Management was founded in 2014, we initially covered a small region that included London, Essex, Kent, and Hertfordshire. However, as time has passed, we have been able to effectively expand our business and can now proudly offer a nationwide service, aiding businesses all across the UK.

No Call Centres

360 Waste Management is committed to consistently delivering exceptional customer service and strives to fulfil our customers’ needs and requirements at all times. We are particularly proud of our accessibility since we do not have a call centre, which allows our customers to phone directly through to the head office without having to remain on hold for long periods of time, or deal with automated answering systems.

Switch & Save!

With expenses across the board on the rise year on year, businesses up and down the country are seeking new methods to reduce outgoings and save money. By switching to 360 Waste Management, you can join 95% of our customers in saving up to 30% on their commercial waste collections. You’ll be able to receive a complimentary waste review, which will help us to better understand your specific needs and requirements, leading to the suggestion of FREE waste bins that are most appropriate to your business’s waste output.

To find out more information about switching to 360 Waste Management, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced and knowledgeable team on 08000 931186 and begin saving your business money today!