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Glass Waste and What to do With it


At 360 Waste Management, we deal with a wide variety of commercial waste types, from Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) and general waste, to confidential waste, food waste, glass waste and more. With businesses returning to normal after two unusual years impacted by COVID-19, commercial waste levels will be on the rise across the board. In our latest blog, we explore ways to manage your glass waste and the benefits and process of recycling glass.

The Impact of Glass Waste

Whether it’s bottles, condiment jars, drinking glasses, there are glass objects all around us. The process of manufacturing new glass requires an incredible amount of energy and has a sizable effect on the environment, which is why recycling glass is so important. The good thing is that glass can be recycled time and time again. However, despite this being a positive, glass can have its negatives if not disposed of in the correct manner. It may be all too easy to just throw your glass waste into your general waste bins, however in doing so, not only will you be adding to the large-scale environmental issue that is landfill, you’ll also be taking up precious room within your waste bins, increasing your business’ waste collections and in turn, costing your business unnecessary, extra money.

When recycling, glass no longer needs to be separated into its colour types and can all be recycled in the same waste container, so not only will you be saving yourself money in the long run by separating glass waste from general, you’ll also save time on separating the different colours, it’s a win-win!

In addition, recycling and reusing glass also has a positive impact on the planet due to less of the earth’s natural resources being used to create new items of glass.

What Happens to Your Glass Waste?

Whether you’re a pub, restaurant, large business or small, no matter the industry, you’re likely to produce some kind of glass waste, and whether the glass is whole or broken, it can still be recycled. The glass recycling process is known as ‘closed-loop recycling’, meaning that it can be fully recycled again and again without being degraded, so there really is no need to dispose of glass within your general waste. Recycled glass is transported to a treatment plant where the different colours are sorted, washed, crushed and melted down in order to create new glass items.

Your Glass Waste, Managed

At 360 Waste Management, our glass recycling collections are offered to all businesses up and down the UK, no matter the size or industry, and not only can you save money by separating your glass waste from your general waste, but you could also join 95% of 360 Waste Management customers in switching and saving up to 30% on your commercial waste collections. We offer businesses a FREE waste review where we analyse your waste output levels and recommend the disposal bins best suited to your business’ needs and requirements. To find out more information on how you can switch and save today, please do not hesitate to contact our 360 Waste Management office on 08000 931186.