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The Many Benefits of 360 Waste Management

There are multiple reasons why waste management services are important to businesses in the UK, with some of the most obvious being safety and cleanliness. Waste can cause unsightly messes that can hurt your business’s reputation or make the area around your building look unappealing and unclean, which can turn away potential customers, not to mention drive down the value of your commercial property. 360 Waste Management can help you keep all of this from happening, by offering various waste management services and benefits, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business while leaving the waste responsibilities to us!

FREE Waste Review

Considering having your commercial waste managed by professionals? Unsure where to start? With 360 Waste Management, we offer you and your business a free waste review where our our expert team will visit your business to assess the amount and type of waste produced. By doing this, it allows us to gain a greater understanding of your business and it’s waste needs and requirements. We can then recommend the type and quantity of waste containers needed on your premises in order to safely and orderly manage your commercial waste, as well as creating a regular waste collection schedule for your business.

FREE Waste Containers 

So, let’s say you’ve had your FREE waste review and you like the sound of what 360 Waste Management can offer your business… Well the benefits do not end there! By using 360 Waste Management to handle your commercial waste, you will also receive your waste containers absolutely FREE!

Below are all of the space saving commercial waste bins available through 360 Waste Management:

Which Sectors Do 360 Waste Management Cover?

It’s a well known fact that no matter where you’re based, or what your company specialises in, every business generates rubbish, and no two businesses will produce the same waste. With this in mind 360 Waste Management covers a wide range of business sectors, from retail, offices, hotels and schools, to restaurants, pubs, bars, events, food manufacturers and more! No matter your company’s size, if your business falls into these categories then 360 Waste Management has the answer to your commercial waste needs!

What Types of Waste Do 360 Waste Management Collect?

Due to the wide range of sectors that we deal with at 360, we also cover various different waste types to accommodate many different businesses. From General waste, Glass and Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR), to food waste, confidential and more. With our expert team to hand, and your business’ free 360 waste review to assess your waste output, we can devise a system and schedule to keep on top of all your waste requirements!

If your business requires waste management services and wishes to switch and save money, enquire today to receive a free waste review on 08000 93 11 86!