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Waste Types & How To Manage Them

No matter the sector your business lies in, various types of waste will inevitably be produced regularly and possibly even in high volumes. Having an efficient waste management service is essential for maintaining good hygiene levels, reducing your business’ general waste, increasing recyclable waste and saving you and your business money in the long term.

With different waste types, come different methods of disposal. At 360 Waste Management, we can assist you by providing waste-stream-specific bins for you to easily divide your waste into its respective categories ready for disposal and recycling. Thanks to advancements in technology over recent years, several alternatives have become available within the waste industry to help reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill in the UK and improve the systems of recycling.

Dry Mixed Recycling

Dry Mixed Recycling, often known as DMR, categorises various types of clean recycling waste that can easily be reused or taken back to their original materials. These items can all be placed within the same bin/container and collected as a whole, resulting in a more cost effective solution. For businesses with a modest volume of waste, we recommend our commercial waste sacks/bags or wheelie bin collection services, but we can also provide commercial recycling containers for larger volumes.

General Waste

Our General Commercial Waste Collection Service handles all non-recyclable waste generated by your company, such as low-grade plastics, polythene, and non-recyclable packaging. For years, more often than not, general waste has been disposed of by being sent to landfill. However, today there are more, environmentally friendly ways to dispose of general waste and avoiding landfill completely. These alternatives involve generating energy from waste. We can also provide a variety of space saving waste and recycling bins, waste bags, sacks and containers that are suitable for your business’ waste management needs.

Food Waste

Food waste is defined as food that was fit for human consumption before or after spoilage, as well as inedible elements of food that have been discarded. Food waste can include meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, grain products, and more. Our recycling collection services are great for companies seeking a straightforward, convenient, and cost-effective approach to increasing recycling efficiency, cutting costs, and fulfilling all of the required legal and health and safety conditions. CAT 3 food waste is also collected by our Food Waste Recycling service. Waste in category 3 is described as low-risk product which is suitable for human consumption but not intended for it, this could include raw meat & fish, domestic catering waste, eggshells, hides and skins etc.

Glass Waste

Our glass recycling and collection services are ideal for both large and small organisations. Glass is 100% recyclable and anything from bottles, glass panes, cups & glasses and more can be melted down time and time again to produce new glass products or for down-cycling uses such as blast-cleaning or building materials to name a few. By doing this, CO2 and energy emissions can be dramatically reduced. Glass removal from general waste improves recycling rates and can save you and your business money and you may also be able reduce the number of residual waste collections you need.

At 360 Waste Management, our main goal is to make landfill a thing of the past by reducing the amount of waste produced, boosting recycling and making use of the latest technologies to reduce our impact on the environment. With these values in mind, we are here to help make managing your business’ waste as straightforward and efficient as possible. With 95% of our customers having switched to 360 Waste Management and saved, why not try yourself? Contact us on 08000 931186 to receive your free quote!